«MAGAZINE P» 於2014年3月出版,為香港本土原創生活雜誌。P是一個代號,包含多個意思:我們一群創作人(People) 帶着對印刷媒體(Print) 的熱情(Passion) 去製作這本優質月刊(Premium),以「時間」、「空間」和「人間」為刊物的骨格,發掘人生中最極致的奢華(The Peak of Luxury)與生活的優先排序(Priorities in Life)。


«MAGAZINE P» was launched in March 2014 and is published monthly in Hong Kong. Representing people with a passion for the possibilities of the print media in the digital age, MAGAZINE P is an exploration of the "peak of luxury" and "priorities in life" along the axes of TIME, SPACE and PEOPLE.